In KAROVIČ oceľová výroba, s.r.o., we specialise in stainless steel processing.
We provide a complete service in the field of stainless steel unit production for:

     Food industry
     Chemical industry
     Mechanical engineering industry
     Automotive industry
     Pharmaceutical industry

Sheet metal products and assemblies | Welded assembly production | Frame structures
Structural unit production | Engineering and design works

The core activity of the company includes sheet metal processing, production and assembly of sheet metal assemblies with required surface treatment while focusing on high accuracy and quality. Our technologies allow us to offer a wide range of products according to the customer´s ideas.

We offer production of various stainless steel welds, assemblies and machine parts according to drawing documentation. Our priority is the production of accurate and quality products, with customer requirements in mind. We are specialists in what we do.

Production of various stainless steel frames and structures is an integral part of our production. In this field, we pay attention to quality workmanship and accuracy of production.

From production of sheet metal parts, welds and structures to production and assembly of entire technological equipment. As part of comprehensive services, we are able to manufacture and assemble entire equipment and production lines following drawing documentation.

Thanks to a qualified team of employees, we offer engineering and design works.
As is a matter of course, we create a design according to assignment specifications and then produce the entire production documentation.